ABOUT US Our mission

We develop and deliver high quality market access, pricing health economics & outcomes research solutions that maximise the value of health care interventions for our clients and result in reimbursed access to those health care interventions by patients with (ultra-rare) diseases who need them. We support our community and create meaningful relationships with all those around us.

At SYNEVi we are committed to optimising access to health care interventions for patients by providing market access, health economics and outcomes research solutions to the pharmaceutical, nutrition and health care industries.

To maximise and maintain the value of health care interventions throughout their lifecycle, SYNEVi also provides pricing, risk-sharing arrangements and managed access program solutions.

The consultants at SYNEVi have all the necessary disciplines with extensive local Australian and global in-house pharmaceutical company and/or academic experience to meet client’s needs. Long-standing relationship with relevant health authorities as well as insight into the payer requirements allows us to offer an extended level of market access and pricing support.

SYNEVi has a social responsibility to the community in which it works. One or more charities and/or causes are therefore supported by SYNEVi each year.

WHY SYNEVI Our experience

With an emphasis on ultra-rare diseases, SYNEVi has a wealth of experience across wide range of therapeutic areas and several different funding mechanisms:

Our expertise in rare diseases has provided SYNEVi with the unique ability to work with small and multiple datasets to demonstrate comparative efficacy and safety of the health care intervention, develop clinically appropriate and technically robust economic models as well as design and implement pricing strategies, risk-sharing arrangements and managed access programs.

OUR NETWORK Global reach

SYNEVi is a member of the MINERVA Health Economics Network, an international consortium of independent leaders in the field of health economics, health technology assessment and outcomes research.

Founded in 2008, the members of MINERVA have a wealth of experience in health economics and outcomes research as well as deep knowledge of issues concerning local reimbursement and market access. MINERVA’s members have extensive expertise in successful pricing and reimbursement, including the procedures, applicable laws, and regulations, as well as optimal reimbursement strategies in each country.

MINERVA has a network of collaborators around the world and has longstanding relationships with key healthcare policy and decision makers in all the countries that are represented in the network. The clients of MINERVA encompass virtually every biopharmaceutical company in the US, Europe, and Asia, as well as numerous medical device companies, health insurers, and governmental authorities, including NICE, HAS, IFLN, WHO, and the World Bank.

MINERVA provides the capacity for global model development as well as local market model adaptation and customisation. The individual members of MINERVA collaborate on many projects, and the group’s rigorous and consistent approach to working ensures that all multinational projects benefit from the network’s country-specific knowledge and expertise.

For further information regarding the MINERVA Health Economics Network, please visit their website www.minerva-network.com

SYNEVI TEAM Our people

The consultants at SYNEVi come from a variety of backgrounds including pharmaceutical and medical device companies, medical research, academia, and Government research institutes, and have extensive experience and expertise in market access, health economics, economic evaluation, economic modelling, health outcomes, systematic reviews, biostatistics, pricing and other areas.

The focus at SYNEVi is on developing market access strategies that maximise the value of the new medicine for the client and enable the broadest possible access to the new medicine by patients in need in the shortest possible time.
Rudolf Schrover Director BA (Economics, NL) MSc (Health Economics, UK)

Rudolf Schrover, Director, leads the economic evaluations, modelling and pricing team at SYNEVi. He is a trained health economist with 20 years’ experience working in market access, pricing and health economics roles in pharmaceutical companies both at the local operating company level as well as the global/head office organisation in Europe and the USA. Rudolf has lectured in decision analysis at the University of Melbourne and is a current board member of the MINERVA Health Economics Network.

Rudolf Schrover
BA (Econ) MSc (Health Economics)

Kate Hadfield, Senior Health Outcomes Analyst, leads a health outcomes team and supports the health economics team. Kate has extensive experience in the critical review of medical research and clinical trials, data extraction, indirect comparisons, and undertaking systematic literature reviews. Her expertise is in summarising and presenting comparative clinical data to help inform market access strategies and preparation of reimbursement dossiers. Kate is currently undertaking an MSc in Health Economics at Deakin University, with a focus on economic evaluation and modelling.

Kate Hadfield
Senior Health Outcomes Analyst
BMedSci (Hons) DPhil(Med)

Fiona Summers, Senior Health Outcome Analyst, leads a health outcomes team. Fiona has extensive experience in conducting systematic literature reviews, critical appraisals of medical research and clinical trials, data extraction, indirect comparisons and preparing reimbursement dossiers. Fiona assists with the development of market access strategies and is currently undertaking a MSc in Health Economics at Deakin University.

Fiona Summers
Senior Health Outcomes Analyst
BSc (Hons) PhD (Biochemistry)